10,000 download milestone

Thank you very much for all your support. Mayabi Bangla Keyboard (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mayabi.mayabikeyboard) has crossed 10,000 download milestone. It is all of you who made this successful and encouraging us to develop next product for Bangladesh. We are grateful to you. Thank you very much again.


15 responses to “10,000 download milestone

  1. isnt there any symbian mayabisoft to write bangla?
    Nokia 5530

  2. I want to mayabisoftwere.but i can’t dawonload this.how can i dawonload this.

  3. ami download korte partechi na. Amake aktu bistarito janaben

  4. numan chowdhury

    How can I install bangla fronts of my mobile

  5. ইংলিশ থেকে বাংলাতে সুইচ করে কিভাবে? ইন্সটল করার পর বাংলাতে লিখতে পারছিলাম। কিন্তু ইংলিশ হয়ে আছে আর বাংলা হচ্ছে না

  6. আমি মায়াবী বাংলা কীবোর্ড ব্যবহার করছি কিন্তু “+” চিহ্ন পাচ্ছি না 😦

  7. Very nice software

  8. I’ll try bangla writing but don’t work it

  9. my mobile not bangla suport.

  10. মায়াবী

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