Mayabi keyboard, new version released.

New version is going to be published today 7:30 pm BD time. I hope you will like the new Mayabi keyboard.

Mayabi Bangla keyboard is an on screen keyboard with Bangla/Bengali/বাংলা phonetic, fixed layout and English language support for Android platform.
Bangla and English dictionary included as well for word prediction.
You can use this keyboard to write Bangla/Bengali/বাংলা in any Bangla supported Android phone (e.g XPERIA etc).
This keyboard will not work on your phone if your phone does not support Bangla font viewing/rendering.
If you can read the following Bangla word in bracket [বাংলা], then this keyboard will work for you.
Do not download and rate poor in case your phone does not support Bangla(বাংলা).

To activate: In Settings->Languages->tick Mayabi keyboard\n
To set as default: Long press a text field, and select “Input method”\n
and select Mayabi keyboard.

Version: Lucky (1.0)

Main features:
* Swipe space bar to change language.
* Bangla fixed layout keyboard.
* Bangla phonetic keyboard
* English keyboard.
* Bangla and English dictionary for word prediction.
* Many smilies.
* Many symbols.

Please mail to for any suggestion, comments, opinion etc.

We are making this keyboard advertisement free and your donation through PayPal to is always welcome which will keep us encouraging to bring more better product for you.


17 responses to “Mayabi keyboard, new version released.

  1. Thank’s for new mayabi keyboard.
    hope that you add keyboard layout editor.

  2. Hello,

    I want to use mayabisoft. i want to purchase Samsung galaxy s 2. is it support bangla font as you mention that device are selected. and where i should buy. is mayabisoft works on android 4?

    SM Ashiqur Rahman Palash

  3. When shall I be able to write bangla in my HTC Desire HD?

    • You can write Bengali using any of the keyboard and probably you do not see bengali because your phone does not have bengali font installed. Please use the premium version to see Bengali in keyboard.

  4. Hello,
    I need some info. I own motorola photon. It doesn’t support Bangla natively.
    Now if I buy mayabi premium, will I able to read and write bangla without any problem?
    I need to know it asap.


  5. I have Motorola Defy.But It doesn’t support Bangla.this time I want to buy a tablet PC.So,please help me to publish a list of bangla supported tab.

  6. hi..i have downloaded mayabi software just now but i still cant type in bangla in my samsung galaxy y set…i can read in bangla here…would you please help me to solve this problem…thank you

  7. Darun.

  8. If I long press in text field it shows PASTE. I don’t see INPUT METHOD. I use Sony Xperia neo L. Please give me the solution. I activated Mayabi keyboard from settings options as you said.

    • Which version of android you are using? If android version older than 4.0, you should see Input method selection option and for 4.0 or newer version, check the notification area for input method selection option. Select mayabi keyboard there.
      Thanks for using Mayabi keyboard.

  9. Good

  10. Me Mynul Islam

    have Symphony W5
    .But It doesn’t
    support Bangla.please
    help me to publish a
    list of bangla
    supported tab.

  11. আমার একটা symphony w67 আছে, কিন্তু মায়াবি কী-বোর্ড ডাউন লোড করতে পারছিনা। আর বাংলাও লিখতে পারছি না। যদি সাহায্য করেন তাহলে খুব খুশি হব, কৃতজ্ঞ থাকব। আমার ইমেইল আইডি

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